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City Assessment Contact

P: 763-531-1000

The information below has been provided to assist title companies and buyers/sellers with the process of determining the amount of unpaid city bills, citations and assessments at time of transfer of property ownership.

Disclaimer: The city makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information; however, neither the City of Crystal nor its employees assume any liability for errors or omissions.

    • To obtain the status of utility account balances, call 763-531-1120.
    • Administrative citations and vacant building registrations less than 30 days old.
    • To obtain the status of unpaid fines for administrative citations, call 763-531-1143 or the phone number listed on the citation.

Citation and Assessment Information and Payment
Information regarding pending and newly-levied property assessments (those not yet reflected on Hennepin County's computer system) with an option to pay these assessments and citations online is available below.
For more information, contact 763-531-1000, or email [email protected].

NOTE: Although the city updates information provided in the link above on a regular basis, there may still be additional, more recent unpaid charges that do not yet appear.

Certified Assessments
To obtain Information regarding assessments that have been certified to the property, contact the city's assessing team at 763-531-1000.

To receive a written response itemizing all outstanding balances that relate to a particular property within the city, or for more detailed information than what is available on the City's website, a formal special assessment records request is required. A written request for search and retrieval of records is initiated by completing a Special Assessment Records Request Form. Click on the link to access the form and follow the instructions provided.

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