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Recon MapThe city will reconstruct the utilities (primarily water and sanitary sewer) on two streets during the 2020 construction season: Kentucky Ave. from Medicine Lake Rd. (27th Av.) to 30th Ave.; and Jersey Ave. from 30th Ave. to 32nd Ave.

Jersey Ave. – Construction of the new sanitary sewer main and water main and services has been completed. Work will begin on the new storm sewer and street grading the week of June. 29.

Kentucky Ave. – The temporary water main has been installed in anticipation of the upcoming utility work. Crews have reclaimed the existing pavement and removals of the existing driveways and curb and gutter has begun. Construction on Kentucky Avenue is expected to last approximately three months.

See the project's latest updates via the project newsletters:
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There will be no special assessments to these project area properties. For questions or concerns, contact the engineering project manager at 763-531-1161 or

Street ProjectThis project is complete. The city completed mill and overlay pavement maintenance work on 6.25 miles of city street in southern Crystal in 2020. The project removed approximately 1.5 inches of the existing street surface and replaced it with new asphalt.

As part of this project, damaged, deteriorated, settled and severely cracked sections of curb and gutter were replaced, including some pedestrian sidewalk curb ramps. Repairs were also made to deteriorating manhole and storm sewer structures, and some minor drainage improvements were made in specific locations.

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