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Gaulke Pond (Central Core) Stormwater Project
The City of Crystal has released an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) for the Gaulke Pond (Central Core) Stormwater Project located in Crystal, Minn.

This project includes dredging accumulated sediment and native soils from Gaulke Pond to provide increased flood storage and to help minimize sediment resuspension and transport downstream. The project also includes storm sewer improvements and replacement of the existing Gaulke Pond stormwater lift station and associated infrastructure.

A copy of the EAW is available here and will be available for review beginning Aug. 10, 2021 at Crystal City Hall at 4141 Douglas Dr. N. in Crystal.

2022 Utility Reconstruction
The project is currently in the design phase and includes replacement of sanitary sewer (including a portion of the connected services to properties), water main (including the water services up to the curb stop for each property), and storm sewer (as needed). Once all the utility work is complete, the curb and gutter will be replaced and street paved.

In all, the 2022 Utility Project includes the following streets:
• Florida Ave./31st Ave. from Hampshire Ave. to 30th Ave., generally the 3000 block of Florida Ave. and the 6500 through 6600 block of 31st Ave.
• Edgewood Ave. from 29th Ave. to 30th Ave.
• Edgewood Ave. cul-de-sac from 32nd Ave. to the south.

Project Timeline:
   • Winter 2021 - 2022 design
   • Winter 2022 - Spring 2022 bidding/contract award
   • Spring 2022 – Fall 2022 construction

Project Information
Project Information Packet

Project Newsletters and Signup
Subscribe and receive the Utility Reconstruction Project Newsletter in PDF format via email for the 2022 Utility Reconstruction Project here.
NOTE: Even if you sign up to receive an electronic copy, a hard copy will still be delivered to each property in the project area when new editions are released.

Project Newsletter #1 - June 3
Project Newsletter #2 - June 10
Project Newsletter #3 - June 16
Project Newsletter #4 - June 23
Project Newsletter #5 - July 11
Project Newsletter #6 - Aug. 5

Reconstruction Project Video Series:
   • Long-term Plan, Utility Reconstruction and Project Funding
   • Neighborhood Surveys
   • Removals, Driveway Aprons and Material Storage
   • Mail, Driveway Access, Temporary Water and Trash Collection
   • Sanitary Service Repair and EDA Grant
   • Water Service Work
   • Concrete Work
   • Sod, Tree and Road Replacement
   • Private Driveways
   • Non-conforming Driveways

Project Funding
It is the city council’s intent to not special assess property owners, nor borrow money, to pay for these utility reconstruction projects. Instead, the utility reconstruction program is paid for primarily from water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer utility funds, which are maintained through the utility bills paid by residents and businesses. The other major source of funding is from the street maintenance fund, which is maintained primarily by property taxes, as well as state aid funding.

As part of the city’s project, private property owners can have their sanitary sewer service pipe repaired through an OPTIONAL program paid entirely by the property owner.

2022 Street Maintenance
Street Maintenance AreaIn 2022, Crystal will conduct a mill and overlay street project in two locations. The map at the right shows the areas currently being considered (click to enlarge):

• Portions of city streets in an area south of 42nd and north of 36th Aves. N. between Louisiana Ave. N. and Douglas Dr. N. in the Brownwood Neighborhood.

• Portions of streets south of 36th Ave. N. between Hwy. 100 and Kyle Ave. N. in the Lee Park Neighborhood.
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