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The Community Development Department acts to raise expectations for the community's future by maintaining a quality physical environment and protecting health and safety. The department implements the city's regulations related to the use of land and the construction of buildings. It also implements the programs and activities of the City's Economic Development Authority, including scattered site residential redevelopment.

The department has six full-time staff:

  • The community development director provides strategic direction within the department and manages department operations and budgets affecting economic development, planning and zoning, environmental health, building, and housing. In addition, the director takes the lead in commercial redevelopment activities, long-term strategic planning, and intergovernmental and interagency initiatives.
    Contact: John Sutter, 763-531-1130
  • The city planner is the primary staffer for the city's land use regulations, including zoning, and provides staff support to the planning commission. The city planner is also the primary staffer for the city's residential redevelopment activities and programs, including scattered site redevelopment and lot sales.
    Contact: Dan Olson, 763-531-1142

  • The building official is the primary staffer for administration, interpretation, and enforcement of building, plumbing, and mechanical codes. The BO also conducts inspections and building plan reviews.
    Contact: Joe Tomasetti, 763 -531-1146

  • The building & housing inspector conducts a combination of building, plumbing, and mechanical inspections, residential property inspections, and building plan reviews.
    Contact: Annette Brustad, 763-531-1149

  • The code enforcement manager provides the primary response to violation reports, including inspection and follow-up, in cases not related to rental licensing. The code enforcement manager also supervises re-inspections for rental licenses.
    Contact: Jason Zimmermann, 763-531-1143

  • The rental licensing specialist administers the City's rental licensing program and also assists others within the department as necessary.
    Contact: Chee Yang, 763-531-1144
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