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This seven-member commission promotes and nurtures a safe and welcoming community; is dedicated to fighting discrimination and civil rights violations by government, businesses and other institutions doing business in the City of Crystal; and advises and makes recommendations to the city council in matters relating to outreach, equality and civil rights.

The Inclusion and Diversity Commission typically meets the first Wednesday of each month.

Join the Commission
The seven-member Inclusion and Diversity Commission is seeking members. Those interested can fill out an application form here.
 All meetings are at Crystal City Hall.
 Jan. 3 - Agenda
 Feb. 7 -  Agenda
 March 6   April 3 - Agenda
 May 1 - Agenda  June 5
 July 3  Aug. 7
 Sept. 4  Oct. 2
 Nov. 6  Dec. 4

 All meetings are at Crystal City Hall.
 Jan. 3 - Agenda
 Feb. 1 - Agenda 
 March 1 - Canceled   April 5 - Agenda
 May 10 - Agenda   June 7 - Agenda 
 July 12 - Agenda  Aug. 2 - Canceled
 Sept. 6 - Agenda  Oct. 4 - Canceled
 Nov. 1 - Agenda  Dec. 19 - Joint meeting with city council (7:45 p.m)
Bylaws and Work Plan
In accordance with its bylaws and annual work plan, and through the collaboration and cooperation of city staff and city council, the Inclusion and Diversity Commission shall:

(a) Regularly review and evaluate the city’s community outreach methods and activities to ensure messaging reaches all populations and provide inclusive participation opportunities.

(b) Analyze the city’s processes, procedures, policies, and ordinances as directed by the city council on matters of equality and civil rights.

(c) Inform the city council of policies or practices that result in discrimination or adverse treatment of any citizens or businesses based on subjective or arbitrary standards, criteria or requirements. Discriminatory policies or practices may include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Those based on a person’s race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation;
- Participation or membership in a club, association, or other organization;
- Political affiliations or beliefs;
- Ideas or views expressed in social media postings;
- A person’s place of employment;
- Limiting access to or use of credit or other financial resources; or
- Through the implementation of environmental, social and governance criteria.

(d) Present to the city council the results of the committee’s findings and recommend changes to city programs, procedures, policies, or ordinances based on those results;

(e) Communicate the city’s outreach, equality, and civil rights work, and facilitate community engagement and feedback as approved by the city council; and

(f) Collaborate with organizations and facilitate discussion within the community on issues of equality and civil rights.
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