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EDITORIAL NOTE: This code has been prepared pursuant to authorization by the Crystal city council under the authority of the city charter, section 3.11, Minnesota Statutes, sections 415.02, 415.021, and 599.13. It may be referred to and cited as "The Crystal City Code of 1994", or "The Crystal City Code." The code is a revision, rearrangement, re-codification and re-enactment of the previous city code of 1973 and all previous ordinances of the city except for certain ordinances of special application. The 1973 code has been re-arranged under functional headings and organized under a decimal numbering system for chapters, sections, subsections and subdivisions. The new code contains a system for the integration of new ordinance in a way that will provide continuous up-dating of its provisions. A table of contents designed for quick, accurate access to the code is included. Revisions of a minor nature to remove obsolete provisions have been made and some new provisions not previously enacted have been added. Ordinances formerly of record but not included herein which have not been specifically repealed are still in effect and in full accord with the code. General provisions applicable to all sections of the code have been collected in Chapter I, and whenever possible and desirable, provisions of state law and state rules and regulations have been adopted by reference. These techniques avoid unnecessary duplication of material and make the code a more usable document. The annual license and permit fees resolution, certain administrative resolutions, and ordinances of a transitory nature or of limited application are not included herein but are contained in separate appendices to the code.

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