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Forestry provides for the management of the tree population in the city. Public works staff is responsible for managing, protecting, and replenishing the community's forest resources. The department inventories and inspects public trees and manages disease control. City-owned trees (those growing along streets, in parks, and on other municipal properties) are maintained by private contractors and city staff.

City staff participates in new development planning (landscaping and tree preservation) and assists with enforcement of landscape-related City Code requirements, as well as the planning and enforcement City Code sections related to long grass, noxious weeds and brush/wood storage.

Citizens are encouraged to consult with city staff on their tree-related questions and problems.

Contact the City of Crystal at 763-531-1000 if you:

• Have questions about trees, tree care, problems, or ownership.
• See boulevard trees with broken or hanging branches that may pose a safety hazard to passers by;
• Believe a tree on your property or the boulevard has emerald ash borer, Dutch elm disease or oak wilt. The forester will come out to inspect the tree. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove any diseased trees from his/her property. The city will remove any diseased boulevard trees.
• Diseased tree removal may be eligible for a Crystal EDA Home Improvement Grant for 20% of the cost, subject to some limitations and restrictions. More information is available on the Home Improvement Assistance flier.

Licensed Tree Trimmers List (do not hire an unlicensed trimmer).

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