Location: 5598 46th Ave North

Related Plans: Included in 2017 Crystal Park System Master Plan

Primary Project Elements:

1) Significant improvements to softball field #3

2) Improvements to the hockey rink

3) Removal of Welcome Avenue (one block section within the park)

Project Cost: $620,000 budget

Questions: (763) 531-0052; Email

Project Description:  Welcome Park is one of the city’s most popular community parks; with activities like softball and soccer in the summer and ice skating in the winter.  With this project, the park will become home to the city’s primary softball field - complete with lights, irrigation and fencing.  The field will replace the softball fields currently located in Becker Park.  To accommodate this improved field, the hockey rink will be shifted to the south and the one block section of Welcome Avenue will be removed.  Improving other amenities in the park like the warming house, play area and other softball fields are not included in this project.

Activity Timeline

Tentative Dates

Award of Planning Contract

January 2, 2018


January - March, 2018

Bidding Process

April, 2018

Begin Construction

May, 2018

Substantial Completion

September, 2018

Hockey Rink Available

Winter 2018/19

Softball Field Available

Summer 2019

Additional Information: 
City maintenance staff will remove the existing fences, road and hockey boards in the spring of 2018.      

Design Consultant:
  WSB & Associates

Contractor: TBD

Map of Project (Phase 1)

Master Plan Map of Park


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