The City of Crystal has a strong commitment to providing high quality parks, trails, recreation facilities, and programming for all citizens and visitors to the community. The city maintains 244 acres of parkland in 27 parks; 6 passive, 15 neighborhood, and 6 larger community parks. The city also operates a community center, outdoor aquatic facility and skate park in the center of the city. This project will create the City’s first Park and Recreation System Plan. The system plan will include:

• An inventory of existing park amenities

• Dialog with the community to generate ideas for future improvements

• Develop goals and a clear direction for future improvements

  • Coming Spring/Summer 2017

In addition, a master plan for Becker Park will be created, which is located in the city’s main commercial area. Conceptual park plans will also be created for 3 of the City’s community parks, including: North Lions Park, Welcome Park and Basset Creek Park. 

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