Candidate Financial Reports

Minnesota Statute 211A.02 requires the City of Crystal to make campaign finance reports available on the City's website. Reports are posted no later than 30 days after they are received. Candidates must file campaign finance reports when they have collected more than $750 in contributions or expended more than $750 in a calendar year.

To view candidates' reports, follow the links below (names in alphabetical order).

Campaign Financial Reports

 Adams, Jim                           
 Bowman, ReNae
 Budziszewski, John
 Dahl, Elizabeth
 Deshler, Julie
 Hoffmann, Mark
 Kiser, Therese
 Kolb, Jeff
 LaRoche, Nancy
 Libby, Laura
 Lincoln, Karen
 McPipe, Carla
 Munson, Jeffrey
 Parsons, Olga
 Peak, Casey
 Rosario, Randy
 Selton, Joseph