Utility Bill FAQ's

How often do I receive my bill?
The City of Crystal bills utilities quarterly (four times a year).

What services am I billed for on my utility bill?
There are five services on your quarterly utility bill, they are: Water, sewer, storm drainage, street lights and recycling.

How does the city read the meters?
Water meters are read by radio at the time the quarterly bill is generated.  If the City is unable to get a radio read on the meter, you will be contacted to make an appointment for the City to repair the meter or radio.

Does it cost anything to have my meter repaired?
The meter is owned by the city so unless the meter has been purposely damaged or freezes and bursts there is no charge for the repair. The property owner is responsible for unregistered water consumption due to a defective or damaged meter. Many of our citizens have zero consumption for 6 months because they have a second residence. If your water bill is showing zero consumption, and you know there was usage, please call the city and schedule a repair appointment.

How does a new resident set up water service in their name?
Call the City of Crystal at (763) 531-1114. We can make sure the resident moving out has called to cancel their service, that there is nothing owing on the account, take new service information, and confirm closing dates.

How do I cancel service if I’m selling my property?
Call the city at (763) 531-1114. We will need to know the closing date, your forwarding address, and the name of the buyer if possible.

Does the City of Crystal take care of garbage hauling?
No. You must contract independently for your garbage or refuse hauling. The city does have a list of haulers that are licensed to do business in Crystal. Please call (763) 531-1000 and the list can be mailed or faxed to you.

If I have my sewer line cleaned, do I have to contact City Hall?
Yes. The City then comes, at no charge to the resident, and checks the lines in the street to be sure the main lines are properly flushed and clear.

Who do I call if my meter is leaking?
Please call (763) 531-1114, if it is during business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to schedule an appointment. If you need emergency meter repair at night or on a weekend, call (952) 258-5321. This is the number for the Hennepin County Sherriff who will contact the standby person. There is a charge for after hours and weekend service.

Who do I call if a street light is broken?
Xcel Energy maintains the street lights in Crystal. You contact them at 1 (800) 960-6235. They will need the address the light is located at.

Who do I call with recycling questions or pick up concerns?
There is a flyer available at City Hall which explains what is, and is not recyclable. If you have recycling pick up concerns, please call HRG at (763) 493-8006.

Why is my bill higher than usual?
There are a number of reasons water usage increases. Is this a billing period that may include outside summer watering? Do you have faucets that are dripping or leaking? Does the toilet fail to shut off after flushing? All these problems can increase your water consumption dramatically.