Phase 15 Street Reconstruction Project

The Street Reconstruction Project for Phase 15 has started. The project area is east of Bottineau Blvd. (County Rd. 81) to Twin Lake, south of Bass Lake Rd. and north of the of the Canadian Pacific rail line (see map). This street reconstruction project is the 15th of 16 neighborhood projects which the City began 20 years ago.

The street project involves the reconstruction of approximately five miles of local streets that abut more than 500 land parcels. Work will include extensions and upgrades to the storm sewer system where necessary, removal and replacement of the existing street pavement and installation of new curb and gutter. The new curb and gutter will be installed in locations where the existing curb and gutter is non-existent, not to current city standards, or the elevation of the street needs to change to improve storm water drainage. Similar to past projects, the project also includes the installation of rain gardens in the boulevard where approved by homeowners and the city. Additionally, property owners in the project area will have the opportunity to participate in the driveway and sanitary sewer reconstruction programs in conjunction with the street project. Finally, CenterPoint Energy may be replacing their gas mains, gas service lines to homes, and meters during, or in advance of, the City’s project. The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services will also be replacing their sanitary sewer force main in a portion of the project area in conjunction with the city’s project.   

The city recognizes that street reconstruction projects significantly disrupt normal life in the residential areas and resident’s patience with the project is much appreciated. The city is committed to building and maintaining infrastructure that will serve generations to come. The street reconstruction projects are a core component of this commitment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Project Manager Mick Cyert at or 763-531-1161.