Permits & Inspections

The Building Division works with property owners and contractors to certify that new construction and changes to existing structures meet the required codes. The Building Official, is responsible for enforcing the Minnesota State Building Code. This process ensures that residential home and commercial building construction meet the required safety guidelines. This is accomplished by:
   Reviewing building plans; 
   Issuing permits; 
   Conducting inspections of building,  plumbing, heating and water/sewer work; 
   Answering questions about construction materials, methods, codes and ordinances 
   Licensing plumbing and heating contractors.

Permits are required when buildings or equipment are constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, converted, or demolished. A permit is also required when replacing appliances, such as water heaters, gas ranges, furnaces/air conditioners, gas fireplaces and vents.
Separate permits are required for mechanical, plumbing, building, driveway, and water/sewer. It is also necessary to get a permit for electrical work.
Please call the Building Division if you have any doubts about whether a permit is required for a particular project you have planned.
If you are constructing a new single- or two-family home, or adding a major addition to an existing single-family home, a construction management process must be followed, click on the Residential Construction Management page for more information.

If you are planning on doing any digging, you must first call Gopher State One Call at 1-800-252-1166. Click here to visit their website.

If you would like to print out a copy of a permit application form click here.

Homeowners: It is recommended that you have any contractor you hire apply for the permit for your project. It provides you with more security in making sure the job is done right. The contractor must provide proof of a Minnesota license and insurance.  It also means that the contractor is responsible to correct anything done that does not meet the building code standards.
When applying for a building permit you must submit the following:
   1. A completed City of Crystal building permit application.
   2. A copy of a survey or plat of your lot showing existing easements and structures.
   3. A site plan that clearly depicts what is existing and what is proposed.
   4. Two sets of building plans.
All approved plans for residential and commercial projects must be kept on the jobsite and available to the inspector.

The person responsible for taking out the permit must also schedule the necessary inspections. When calling to schedule an inspection (763)531-1000 ext. 0 please have
the following information ready:
   1. Address of the jobsite.
   2. Name of person (homeowner) or business (contractor) doing the work.
   3. Type of inspection needed (i.e. framing, final, etc.).
   4. Permit Number (upper right-hand corner).
Unless it is an extreme emergency, no same-day inspections are scheduled.

Below is a list of some other commonly asked questions concerning building and remodeling:

Do I need a building permit to build a shed
Yes, if the shed exceeds 200 square feet.  Sheds 200 square feet or less must comply with building and zoning codes.

Is there a maximum amount of my lot that can be covered by structures? 
Yes. Please click here to see the minimum green space handout.

As a property owner, may I do my own plumbing? 
Yes. However, you are still required to take out a permit for work you plan to do. You must sign an affidavit verifying that you own and occupy the house in which the work is to be done.

Do I need a permit to re-roof or re-side my home? 
Yes. There is a flat fee re-roofing permit (unless it's commercial or a flat roof - those need a plan review). Permits are generally issued at the time you come in and complete the application.

What are the setbacks for a detached garage
From the side yard property line it is three feet (3'0") to any portion of the structure, including eaves and overhangs.

May I add a bedroom in my basement? 
Yes. Again, you need to take out a permit for the project and your plans must include the proper egress windows.

Do I need a permit to install a fence
No.  The maximum height allowed in a front yard (beyond the front line of the house) is 48". The maximum height allowed for side and rear yards is 6'. There are special requirements if your house is on a corner lot.

What if I want to enlarge my driveway
A permit is required to replace or enlarge your existing driveway.

 For more information on any building topic you may stop by or call the building official at City Hall (763)531-1000 ext. 0  and request our current handout on that topic.