Online Utility Bill Pay FAQs

What is Online Bill Pay?
Online bill pay is a fast, easy and free service the City of Crystal offers to its utility customers. With online bill pay, you are able to:
   • Store several different payment options (credit or debit cards, checking accounts or savings    accounts)
   • Make a one-time payment at any time from your home or work computer
   • Schedule a one-time payment to be processed on a specific date
   • Enroll in AutoPay which will automatically pay all your bills on the day they are due
   • Pay by text
   • Review your invoice and payment history, and
   • Switch to paperless billing

What is the fee for online payments?
It is free. There is no fee to pay your bill online.

What information do I need to use this site?
You will need your 10 digit account number and 8 digit customer number. These numbers can be found on your utility bill. If you don’t have your bill with you, please contact Utility Billing at 763-531-1120 and we can assist you.

How do I make a Onetime Payment?
You do not need to register to make a onetime payment. Go to the City of Crystal’s website at and click on “Pay Utility Bill." Click on “Pay Now” on the left side of the screen. Enter your 10-digit account number and 8 digit customer number. Select an invoice and click “Add selected invoices to your cart." Click on “Proceed to Checkout." Choose your method of payment and amount of payment. Click on “Continue to Payment Information." Fill in how you would like to pay and click “Continue to Review Payment." Enter required payment information and click on “Continue to Review Payment”. If information is correct, select “Process Payment." Your confirmation will appear on the screen.

How do I register my online account?
Go to the City of Crystal’s website at and click on ‘Pay Utility Bill”. Click Register at the top of the page or “Register Now” to set up your personal account. Enter your 10 digit account number and 8 digit customer number. Enter and confirm your Email address and your password. Enter the Secure Code and click on “Complete Registration." Your registration will be processed immediately.

You may begin making online payments the same time that you register. Click “Proceed to Checkout." Choose your method of payment and the amount of your payment. Click on “Continue to Payment Information." Fill in how you would like to pay, your email address and click “Continue to Review Payment." If information is correct, select “Process Payment." If you want to make changes click on “Review Payment." Your confirmation will appear on the screen.

When you sign in again, use the “Sign In” at the top of the screen, enter your email address and your Invoice Cloud password then enter the “Secure Code” and click “Sign In."  In “Your Account at a glance” you can update information, select AutoPay, eBILLS or Pay by Text. View payments you have scheduled and payment history. Check out “My Account” where you can select open invoices to pay and “My Profile” at the top of the screen for other options that registered customers have.

What if I own multiple properties in Crystal?
If you own more than one property you can link them together in the online bill pay system. Just use the same email address and password on all your different accounts when registering them. You can then link them and select multiple invoices for your multiple properties with only signing in once. You can also request courtesy emails to be sent to your tenants when their account has been billed. There is a helpful video to see how to do this, just click on “Support” in “Your Account at a glance."

Trouble logging in?
Verify that your 10 digit account number and 8 digit customer number is correct and in the correct fields.

What are eBILLS?
An eBILL is an electronic copy of your utility bill. When you decide to go paperless you will no longer receive a paper copy of your bill. You will be notified by email when your eBILL is ready for viewing. If you later wish to resume paper copies of your bills, you may go back into your account and select “Paperless” under “My Profile." Or, you may simply uncheck eBILL when making your next payment.

What if I don’t see a bill to view or select?
Utility bills issued prior to your signing up for online bill pay will not be available for viewing or selecting. All bills issued after you register on the site will be there for you to select.

Will I receive confirmation of my online payment?
Yes. You will automatically receive an email notification or you may print a receipt online immediately following payment. If you are registered, you can also choose to receive confirmation by text.

How do I know my computer connection is secure?
The indication of a secure website is the web address bar. It will change from http://... to https://... The “s” indicates the hypertext transfer protocol (http) is secure.

How do I contact Customer Service?
Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may contact us either by phone at (763) 531-1120 or send an e-mail to Describe your problem and provide an e-mail address or phone number where you can be reached, along with your account number and customer number or property address. If you are contacting us after hours, we will respond to your inquiry during normal business hours.