Housing Maintenance Compliance prior to sale

Effective September 26, 2015 the city repealed its requirement for an inspection prior to the sale of a single family home or duplex, commonly called the “Point of Sale” inspection.  This requirement was repealed as part of a Crystal City Council initiative to streamline code requirements and make it easier and less costly to sell or buy homes in Crystal.  While the City of Crystal has eliminated the Point of Sale inspection requirement, its high standards for property maintenance and upkeep remain in place.  The rest of the Property Maintenance Code (Section 425) is not affected.  The City continues to require rental licenses and inspections. The City also continues to investigate property maintenance violations and take enforcement action as necessary.

If a property has outstanding correction orders from a Point of Sale inspection prior to September 26, those orders still need to be completed because code violations are still present.  If you want to know if a particular property has outstanding orders, and if so, to request a copy of the inspection report, please call our front desk at (763) 531-1000 ext. 0 or email CustomerService@crystalmn.gov.  Questions about specific orders or requests for an extension of time should be directed to the inspector who wrote the orders; their name and phone number are on the inspection report.

The city encourages buyers to secure a private-sector home inspection before committing to the purchase of a property.  The city cannot recommend particular inspectors.

Property Maintenance Code (City Code 425)

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