Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the city’s policy document for land use and related decision-making. For example, the Comprehensive Plan is used by the Planning Commission and City Council when it makes decisions related to zoning, subdivision (platting), public facilities and redevelopment. While the plan does not include more detailed development concept plans for particular sites or designs for public facilities improvements, it does set the stage and provide guidance for such plans and designs to be developed later.

Along with all other Twin Cities metro area cities, Crystal is required to update its Comprehensive Plan at least once every ten years. In 2007 the City Council appointed a 27-member citizen task force to work on an update of the Comprehensive Plan. The Task Force held numerous meetings including two open houses, and submitted its findings to the Planning Commission in June 2008. The Planning Commission held public hearings and the City Council approved the plan in 2009 subject to Metropolitan Council review. The City Council adopted the plan on October 18, 2011 with modifications based on Metropolitan Council's review. Since 2011, the plan has been amended once for the Cavanaugh Senior Housing Development.
Amendment 2012-A (Cavanagh Senior Housing)

Comprehensive Plan currently in effect, as amended.

The Metropolitan Council is developing land use forecasts in preparation for the 2018 Comprehensive Plan update. The following two letters are the city's response to these forecasts.
11.15.2013 Letter to Metropolitan Council re: 2040 Forecast

4.18.2014 Letter to Metropolitan Council re: Thrive MSP 2040